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Samantha Mozart
Writer, Editor, Journalist, Essayist, Creative Nonfiction Storyteller, Short Story Writer, Blogger
Interests: Moriarty, the Phantom of My Blog
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And Moni was honored by your presence and support, as well, Patricia. The sense of loss has many facets; it never quite ends. Take forward what she taught you and carry it throughout your life: I'm sure you already know to do that. Shalom aleichem, Carol/Samantha
Beautiful, Patricia, just a beautiful tribute. One could not ask for more from a dear friend such as you. What a pretty and vibrant young woman she was. I would have liked to have known her; I feel as if I did know her -- from your words and her photos. Thank you: this inspires us all, I think. You and Moni have shown us the real meaning of life and beyond. I especially like your poetic lines, "Of the invincible love that washes away every pain, Like waves beating against piles of rocks" -- stunning imagery. Shalom aleichem, Samantha/Carol
Dramatic sky, Patricia. Heavenly beauty. I go sit on my porch and look at the sky, watch the birds and listen to my wind chimes. I love seeing the street where you live. Glad to see you are so involved with your writing, too. Shalom aleichem, Carol
That's nice, Patricia. What a charming way to celebrate the Christmas season, and shop. Merry Christmas. Shalom aleichem.
Thank you for, Patricia, for taking and sharing this series of sky pictures. I love looking at the sky. And, in this case, particularly at the heavens -- my thoughts and prayers for Micki Peluso's Kimber. May she pull through and be restored to perfect health to run barefoot beneath the beautiful sky.
Thank you, Patricia. Beautiful sky -- and thoughts. Shalom aleichem, Samantha
Beautiful sky and landscape, Patricia. And, or course, I, the would-be Cinderella, love castles. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and scenes from Germany and throughout Europe. Shalom aleichem, Samantha
I don't mind the walking and the steep hills once I get used to them, Patricia. Where my daughter lives in the N. Carolina Piedmont region is like that. I think they should have escalators, though, on some of those hills. :-) Shalom, Samantha
You can post this one every week, Patricia. Heavenly. And, if I were there I'd never want to be anyplace else. Shalom aleichem, Samantha
Somehow I can't find the place to comment, Patricia, so I'm putting it here. Beautiful sky. Passionate. A metaphor for life. Thank you. Shalom aleichem--
That's beautiful, Patricia, truly heavenly. I feel like I am there. I can even feel the mist on my face. Thank you for this series. Shalom, Samantha
Beautiful, Patricia. One of my first memories from when I was a child is kneeling on the studio couch in my bedroom and looking out the window up at the blue sky with the puffy white clouds. Gazing at the sky has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Shalom, Samantha
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Jul 26, 2016