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Interesting article. Well, I do find SaaS beneficial in many ways(scalability and flexibility, pay-per-use subscription, hassle-free updates, data security and privacy, rapid to implement and availability of SaaS support experts e.g. Lirik - to help maximize SaaS end user experience) and I think with more and more people moving into SaaS from a traditional on-premise setup is enough evidence that many find SaaS a worthwhile investment.
This post is dated back in 2008 and yet here I am commenting from 2016. Well, you were right about those three challenges SaaS has BUT the first and third challenges you listed were actually not so much of a problem this generation. SaaS is actually very common now in the corporate world given that computers, internet and social media are pretty much a big part of the offices. Security/privacy though is still an issue but matters are taken cared of by the SaaS providers. Try Lirik ( as your SaaS provider. They work wonders!
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2016 on SAAS Challenges at Tony Bain
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Jul 26, 2016