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Rebecca Foxworth
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As an artist who took notes cartoon-style in college, I'm LOVING the journaling Bible trend (not the competitive nature of the art people are posting online in look-at-me style, but the true, heart-felt art meant to enrich and enhance one's own understanding and Christian journey). Finally, Bible-study notes for the right-brained in society!
I wish I could somehow forward your blog post to be the cover picture for my Facebook page. Srsly.
My sister in law had a Mini and let's say that the car's integrity was lacking during a medium-grade crash. They bought an Audi A4 instead…for the crash ratings. With a one and three year old at home, I think it's a nice compromise between mom-mobile and sporty looking car for the time being.
Sigh. Now all I'm thinking about is a burrito the size of my head.
AMC Theatres sets aside times with "lights up, sound down" for those with family members with autism and special needs.
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Jul 27, 2016