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J. Tubman
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I was born in a wagon of a traveling show, where my mama used to dance for the money they'd throw.
Interests: Photography, computers, Canadian football.
Recent Activity
I would have maintained more interest in photography during the years I was raising my family and building my career, and I would have switched from film to digital much sooner than 2014.
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Can't help but recall these immortal lines from The Blues Brothers: Elwood: What kind of music do you usually have here? Claire: Oh, we got both kinds. We got country and western. You are right: if you really care about music at all, you can't like everything. But you can give everything a listen to see if you might like it. It is possible to like Arvo Pärt and Ray Stevens. It is possible to like Hildegard von Bingen and Veggie Tales. It is possible to like bluegrass music from the Appalachians and gamelan music from Indonesia. It is possible to like Judy Garland tunes and dislike Rufus Wainwright singing Judy Garland tunes. One of the tragedies of mortality is that we cannot hear all the music that we might enjoy, and even love.
You can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all the time, but you can't fool Mom.
The "Keepers" folder idea is one of those things that is totally obvious once someone suggests it. Thanks! I named mine "000KEEPERS" so it is at the top of the list.
There is food for thought in the comparison between the revival of interest in things like film photography (and its subculture of instant film photography) and vinyl records on one hand, and on the other hand, the decline of interest in two things you mentioned recently: motorcycling and model railroading. Another example: where I live, there is a store that does a booming business selling old-time safety razors and straight razors and similar male grooming paraphernalia that were considered outdated before my father began to shave. They have lots of customers who appear to be under 35. I confess that I do not have any brilliant insights into why some old-time hobbies come back into popularity while others fade away. I'd like to hear what theories others might offer.
I seldom comment because I am still re-learning photography, as my hobby, after a 36 year dalliance with computers. My kids have grown up and in 2014 I got a Nikon D5300 to replace the Canon EF that I was given in 1976. The digital era of photography is wonderful and I am content to read the postings on this site and learn from the comments about them.
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And then your pillow was missing.
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My 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend use Instax cameras now and again. But the main camera that she chose for herself (rather to my amazement) is a Nikon D3300, and she is teaching herself to use Lightroom, and has done some excellent work in black & white. Like everyone her age (and like me), she takes lots of pictures with her iPhone, but unlike many, came to realize its limitations. (Not great for wildlife photography, for instance.)
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Jul 29, 2016