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Hi Gayla, Keep strong and ask for help when you need it. My Mum just died in June. My younger sister has been her caregiver for many years. You are right. You live your mother's life and a lot of people don't understand. My sister was living a 90 year-olds life. I tried to help her but I live overseas. I talked to her about getting help and her need for a life too but my mother had her convinced she could only have my sister as a caregiver. It's been just over a month and my sister is overwhelmed with even the simple things like - I can sleep in, I can go get groceries when I want, I can shower and not worry, etc. Its tough to let someone else do the caring but think of it like the care home or caregiver you hire lets you have a life so that your Mom gets the best of you when you are with her. As a Mom I have told my adult children to not feel guilty about finding a care home for me if my physical and mental health become overwhelming. I have had a fantastic life and I want them to be able to have theirs too without the responsibility of my care. Hugs to you and your Mum as you make this difficult journey.
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Aug 17, 2016