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Last week, I had covered a story about a seven year-old Syrian girl, Bana, who was tweeting along side her mother during the bombings in Aleppo. They have continually been using Twitter in order to update people around the world what they are experiencing as it happens. Now, the world fears for their safety more than ever before. Each tweet coming from the duo seems like it could be the last and this has all of their social media followers in hysteria. On Sunday, December 4th 2016, Twitter users around the world feared for Bana after her Twitter account went... Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2016 at Global Media News
A seven year old girl and her mother are using the Twitter platform to keep contact with the rest of the world during the bombings and attacks in Aleppo, Syria. Thousands of people are using this source in order to gain insights into Assad’s bombardment of Aleppo. Bashar al-Assad is the current president of Syria. The young girl named Bana Alabed and her mother, Fatemah, have been continuously tweeting live updates from their area which also happens to be “the epicenter of Syria’s brutal civil war” as stated in an article by Sonar Sheth on Business insider. Fatemah, 26, created... Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2016 at Global Media News
In September of this year, an outcry of concern had broken out against Facebook. According to RT News, this concern began when popular Norwegian author and journalist, Tom Egland, posted a status update about how much photography influences our world today. He had posted a series of photos one of which was a photo of Kim Phuc taken in June of 1972. Her home village was hit by a napalm attack, Kim was nine at the time, she ran naked crying down a street because the napalm was burning her skin. Military photographer, Nick Ut was the one who originally... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2016 at Global Media News
Teta Mobile is rising to be WhatsApp’s newest rival in the social messaging world in Africa. Teta Mobile. Teta Mobile Chat is an app that is currently available to smartphone users on Vodacom in South Africa. It is an instant messaging and social media app that allows users to chat, send and receive files without using any form of mobile data charges. According to an article written on MyBroadBand says that the entrepreneurs who created Teta, Themba Moyo and Lisa Phendla, aim to take on WhatsApp by offering the same aspects when you have no airtime if they are using... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2016 at Global Media News
MTN Group, formerly M-Cell, is a South Africa-based multinational mobile cellphone company, operating in many African, European and Asian countries. An article from My Broad Band written by Staff Writer covers the story. This company believes that over-the-top services (OTT) in South Africa should be regulated just as cell-phone companies are. The portfolio committee on Telecommunications has heard their opinions and have scheduled to have a hearing on the matter. They will look into the impact of OTT social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook on the industry and then make a decision of whether they should be required to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2016 at Global Media News
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Oct 27, 2016
First off, what exactly is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a social media network that allows users to instant message anyone in the world who uses the app. They can send messages, pictures, GIFs, videos, audio, ect. Although this social network is not so popular in the U.S., its popularity has soared in South Africa. It has become the most used mean of communication in the area. An article from Forbes written by Toby Shapshak states that this app is often the first (sometimes second) app that users in South Africa download once they get a smartphone. WhatsApp is so successful in... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2016 at Global Media News
A study taken in 2014 showed that 100 million people were active on Facebook each month across Africa. Eighty-percent of people accessed Facebook using a mobile device. Now, a CNN article posted in January by Phoebe Parke, states that this number has risen to over 120 million people. “Four and a half million of those Facebook users are based in Kenya, 15 million in Nigeria and 12 million in South Africa, in statistics first reported by Reuters.” Although those numbers may sounds large, in reality, that is only about Nine-percent of Africans that are using social media. South African users... Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2016 at Global Media News
In February of this year, 2016, the Ugandan government called for a total social media shut down. An article written by Briana Duggan, CNN, covers the details. The election in February caused tensions to grow. Votes were being counted and there was a ban on social media. Ugandans hoped to again swear in Yoweri Museveni for his fifth term over the past 30 years. The day voting began, “politically minded voters” were not able to tweet or update their Facebook once the government put the ban into action. President Museveni backed up the ban saying it was a “security measure... Continue reading
Posted Oct 4, 2016 at Global Media News
The Islamic State (also known as ISIS) militant group has become experts at utilizing Twitter in order to spread their propaganda using social media. The big question is, who is running the show? Many different social media users. An article posted by the Huffington Post covers the topic thoroughly. Extremism expert J.M. Berger and Jonathon Morgan of Ushahidi ("an international nonprofit dedicated to open-source technology") estimate that there are about 46,000 Twitter accounts that are run by supporters of ISIS. Their studies have also made note of the fact that these accounts have a larger average following than the typical... Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2016 at Global Media News
This passed weekend violent events took place in Chelsea, Manhattan. Pipe Bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahami placed explosives hidden in garbage cans that went off Saturday night. “A deafening explosion…injuring 29 people, blowing out scores of windows and forcing the evacuation of at least two buildings.” says the New York Post. The explosion went off near a construction site in a Dumpster on 131 West 23d Street. After the first device went off, a second device was found blocks away. There was later a bomb explosion in New Jersey. All believed to be placed by the one suspect. There were also... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2016 at Global Media News
The French Media is now looking to stop publicizing the photos and names of the terrorists who have taken responsibility for the killings in France. Their goal is to avoid “posthumous glorification” as stated in a Guardian online article covering the topic. Many sources of media in France such as Le Monde newspaper, BFM-TV, a Catholic newspaper, La Croix, and Europe 1 Radio have all stated that they also wish to stop this glorification of the terrorists actions and will no long be sharing photographs and names of the people involved. A Telegraph article on the same topic says that... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2016 at Global Media News
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Aug 31, 2016