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I contact you saying that one of your cliffs is extending over your parcel boundary. You insist that I am wrong. You immediately think this is a personal attack. and you tell me to file an abuse report, so I did. You must realize that one does not need ANY reason to justify asking that an owner keep their objects within their parcels. The fact is that that cliff piece was NOT completely within your parcel boundaries. Of course, you can ban whomever you wish, for whatever reason, but you are the person who made this personal and insists on keeping it that way. Check your logs and this blog for the way you express yourself. I am grateful that, for whatever reasons, you did reposition that cliff piece. Thank you, again.
Thank you for adjusting this cliff! I really appreciate it. Now I (and others) can more easily travel down this river. This was never about tubing. I don't know where you got that idea. It was about being able to navigate one the river AROUND the dock. The dock is a build by that parcel's owner. Your end cliff piece extending into the dock's parcel just made an already small space even tighter. But now you've fixed it. Thank you! Banning me :) what a mature response from a group whose mission is "To preserve SL wilderness and beautiful builds for the enjoyment of the general public. . . . Help keep SL Nature free and accessible by supporting our parks and recreational areas." My request to you to adjust that cliff piece was in total support of the goal "enjoyment of the general public". and your response is to ban the person who asked that your objects stay within parcel boundaries so that using the river would be easier for the general public ? Shame on you! But thanks again, I do appreciate that you took the time to make this change.
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Sep 14, 2016