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Paul Gestwicki
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Can you clarify your conclusion? It sounds like you are proposing player practices as the fundamental building block of games, but then you conclude that there are no atomic elements of games.
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2017 on Are Videogames Made of Rules? at ihobo
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Regarding Ultima 7, it did use a paper-doll approach for items that were equipped, but not for items otherwise in the inventory: that was completely gridless. The player could open their backpack and rearrange items in a free manner, and items were shown at world scale. One could nest containers; among my friends at least, it was common practice to have bags designated for different spell components within the backpack. One reason I brought it up is that I don't remember any other RPG besides an Ultima that combined the properties of being limited by weight, completely gridless, allow container nesting, and shown at world scale. I thought maybe you'd have some ideas of where this came from and, maybe more curiously, where it went.
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Can you explain how Ultima 7's inventory system fits into your history?
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Sep 21, 2016