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Very clever depiction but not damn likely. Gave me a good laugh though.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Thanks love. at Michael Smith News
Our GP used to be very caring & willing to actually check out what you were enquiring about. Suddenly he bought his own Practice and from there-on in, his caring attitude went 'mostly out the window'. When Covid struck, (becos of his extremely close association with government personnel and his obvious desire to please 'Big Pharma') I found myself on the outer with my GP becos I didn't want the so-called vaccine even tho I had suffered serious consequences from the flu vaccine previously. My husband who had terminal illness already had the injection to enable him to enter various institutions even tho he wasn't convinced of its authenticity. Our once considered great GP showed he had an agenda that didn't favour our well-being IMO.
Michael, I consider Henry's comments to not be only insulting, but unnecessarY. you're entitled to your opinion Henry, but please keep it respectful.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2021 on Stats for the Covid crazies at Michael Smith News
Agree with all you wrote except for your comment re the stench of aboriginal people etc. From my own experiences as a proud white Aussie, while I do accept that there are some aboriginal people with undesirable traits, there are also some beautiful, caring people of their race who don't deserve to be lumped in with the less reputable aboriginal folk. My white parents attended an aboriginal church in Mooroopna and had a strong friendship with that congregation so I do speak from experience. In relation to the little boy's funeral in Warrnambool, it is an absolute, callous decision to deny that poor family a proper farewell in the circumstances. Shameful!
Yes, I have read in a couple of articles that hospitals were being paid large amounts for them to give the deceased person's cause of death as Covid-19 even when the real cause was from another cause. The sums mentioned were $13,000 and $25,000 so not sure if, or whether this is correct; however, a decent incentive to conform given how many deaths have occurred and how much the accrued benefit to the particpants would amount to. Disgraceful in my opinion.
Wonderful surprise for these children to be entertained by an artist who obviously enjoyed sharing time with these talented students. The memory of this occasion will linger for many years to both Guy and those kids I am sure. Great effort.
Absolutely agree with you re Patten. Have noticed he is the 'go-to' man for comment (when Dan is absent) and seems to enjoy standing at the lectern giving his stern orders and expectations of how we the public must behave or else. Be no surprise to me to see him promoted.
My husband has bronchiecstasis and multiple myeloma and was recently diagnosed with mild pneumonia when he attended his own G.P. where it was advised that he be taken to Emergency Dept. at local hospital. Corona virus was not even considered as the problem by his own Dr. On arrival at the hospital he was put into isolation room until attended to, where-upon he was given a corona virus test, given a piece of paper saying he was now considered a COVID-19 risk and to stay isolated for 14 days; he was then sent off OUTSIDE the hospital emergency room (where ill people were constantly coming and going)to wait for me to pick him up to go home. What really concerns me - IS MY HUSBAND INCLUDED IN THE FIGURES AS A COVID-19 CARRIER? If so, it's false and we are all being fed rubbish to suit some unknown agenda IMO.
Ditto. May God bless everyone.
Unfortunate situation. Sure hope he's been keeping clear of Prince William & his family & the Queen.
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IMO this Payne(ful) person is a Turnbull stooge who has been given her Ministry to maintain the necessary values required to continue meeting the constant demands of the United Nations. Putting Stott-Despoya into this Women's role is nothing more than a token gesture to allow the rorts system to the UN to continue unhindered and try to buy their way onto the UN Board further along. Unfortunately, it seems Scott Morrisson is also a willing 'enabler' to this arrangement so my faith in his supposed true liberal values has dwindled severely. The Libs will no longer get my vote as there's too many 'moderates' in the ranks now creatng havoc.
I'm bamboozled. Tried to bring the Shorten rape allegations aired (and played down by the media) to your attention but still it seems you've chosen to ignore it. Why???
Yep Julie. Have advised MPS of the stuff spouted out on sky news "Front Page" last night so totally agree with your thoughts.
Michelle 2, I agree with many of your viewpoints. However, I find your lumping of William & Catherine in with Me-gain & Harry not fair, as the former are worthy of respect due to their remaining loyal to the Queen and the monarchy, whilst the latter have been totally disloyal to the Queen & monarchy by their determination to only consider their own wants and not afraid to show it. I therfore detest Meghan & Harry's choices and have no time for their selfishness.
Your last paragraph has just been high-lighted on Sky News 'The Front Page' show. 'The Weekend Australian' has an item re Bill Shorten's alleged rape case. The panellists all defended Bill Shorten whilst down-playing the possibility that this event ever occurred; they even said how shocked he would have been being accused of such a thing. According to them, the victim girl's name was never mentioned and there was no follow-up of the rape report as the police wouldn't allow the case to go forward as it didn't warrant it in their opinion. Well, we Michael Smith followers are aware of Kathy's fight for justice and read her claims against Shorten. Of course, Shorten's denied it because he's got too much to lose if he admits it. Unfortunately, whilst the MSM continue to spout untruths to appease an alleged rapist, it's certainly going to be an uphill battle for Kathy. Where's the sympathy by the journos for a young girl who didn't deserve to be wronged in such a way. Shameful!
I suggest we send both Rudd & Turnbull to one of those supposed sinking islands where all we'll hear is gurgle gurgle gurgle as the water shuts their whinging mouths to save we normal Aussies from their unwanted, illogical comments and advice.
I sincerely hope Bloomberg's comments do show the U.S. people what a pompous blowhard he is who deserves to be 'put in his place' given that Trump is proving to be a truly worthwhile President. MAGA is Trump's attitude, not showing that his wealth is top priority. DJT is proud to represent his country because he loves it - go Trump.
Out of control thugs who 'get their jollies' by intimidation and fear. Cowards (I'd imagine) without their gang members backing them up. Unfortunately, Victoria Police response units have been on the back foot in regard to even trying to 'come down hard' on the perpetrators as it seems that their superiors are more interested in not being seen as rascist and risk losing votes. Note how a police spokeswoman was sent out to play down the situation and try to make we ordinary, decent folk believe - "nothing to see here folks,just some young ones playing up but we've got it under control so no need to worry." This is a very serious siuation and not a game to all the people being injured and left seriously disturbed by these now out-of control regular attacks by mostly African youth gangs. Time for some serious rethinking by Police Command in Victoria Police as to how our law & order is carried out; soon it will be too late as the horse is well and truly bolting and presently no-one is willing to try and halt it.
That picture tells a 1000 words IMO. Josh Frydenberg's smug face as Scott Morrison delivers his low blow speech, whilst on the other side of Morrison sits Peter Dutton with a furrowed brow probably wondering how different a speech it would have been had he become PM and allowed to stop the climate emergency rot and the kowtowing to foreign govrnments caught up in the UN/NWO rort so as to bring about true benefits to the Australian citizens.
Tennys Sandgren certainly played a brilliant match against Federer but Roger proved once again that he is a true master of the game and 'brought it home' when it counted. Federer will sure need to be 'on song' next game too.
Why'd they bother? Lost cause IMO. Disappointing, as the lamb ads with Sam were to the point, well presented and enjoyable to watch.
Absolutely brilliant and makes me feel extra proud to be a true-blue Aussie.
Too true. When you can have a judicial system where it is obvious to all (but the defendant and his followers) that the final "not guilty" verdict in a fatal hit-run case where the defendant actually admitted in a police interview that he didn't go back to see what he'd hit because his girlfriend didn't want to see "it". A plea for recognition of how unjust and wrong that verdict decision was considered (by the victim's family) was made to the state government, but to this day, it is 'a given' there is no further avenue for redress of this sad, so wrong outcome.
Yes, corruption is rife ln relation to all walks of life now, unfortunately. We only have to look at how the AWU/WRA prosecution is being held up due to the legal processes being used to stall it. As for the diabolical situation your family members have endured recently due to home thefts/invasions etc. by well-organised immigrant gangs, I believe that until the perpetrators stop being treated as victims by the courts and treated extremely leniently instead of getting a serious jail sentence to deter them and others from repeating their vile actions, then this atrocious situation will continue. I sympathise with you and your family.