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Lisa, This is a lot of pseudoscience. The fact that the APA is captive by left wing ideologues means nothing. John Hopkins will no longer do transitional surgeries because there is no benefit. The Man Who Would Be Queen lays out the problems of transsexual dogma well, and the response to the book was telling. It was a "swipe" because you'd think that by reading certain comments the highest issue in the land was making sure some guy in a dress could use whatever bathroom he wants. Like you said, you're 0.6 of the population. Sit back and settle down with your insane narcissism.
Jack, Chris Christie just got his walking papers as well.
Ulenspiegel, Comprehend what I'm saying, which is that Trump is going to be more positively inclined towards nationalist governments, not engaging in hegemony with Russia over Eastern Europe. As for the rest of your post, you are the proverbial blind person telling other people to open their eyes. Your analysis is as tone as ever. You were wrong, are wrong, and will continue to be wrong for the forseeable future. Good luck with that.
Mark, I disagree. I think you would have seen her doubling down on use of the executive as a means to power, with the Republicans either too cowed to work against her or afraid of going against the now discredited 2012 "autopsy" that said the Republicans needed to hispander to win national elections. You unintentionally bring up a good discussion point about executive power, and the Democrats unwittingly becoming the Sorcerer's Apprentice, because now a Trump Administration has all the powers that they have insisted were perfectly legal and fine. I'm honestly very curious to see how he uses that power beyond reversing all the nonsense of the Obama Administration. Trump turning out to be a modern incarnation of Sulla would be strikingly amazing even to me.
Fred, True but my larger point is that local law enforcement no longer has to worry about the DoJ (with unlimited resources) descending and trying to hang a Murder 2 charge around some cop's neck for doing his job. It will have the unchaining effect I speak of. I agree, of course, with the rest of your protocols.
Kris Kobach joining the team to undo Obama's unlawful immigration administrative fiat. Looks like he's serious about this. Prepare for some serious wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Sam, I peeked in on NeverTrump twitter tonight. They have learned nothing, and are basically doing the same thing they did during the election, which is retweet each other's stories and comment GOOD READ SO TRUE. Its all a big circle jerk over there. They have nothing new to add, and they're too foolish to realize it yet.
Bandolero, Oh, he can absolutely make Mexico pay for it through other means, but the mendacious NeverTrump and progs insist that if Trump doesn't get a giant check from Mexico that says MEMO: FOR WALL on the bottom than he lied. And they wonder why we hate them. Trump can raise visa costs, crossing fees, and a number of regulatory fees and duties on people crossing from Mexico, to get this thing paid for. I think NAFTA, one way or another, is a thing of the past. I don't think the globalists can be reasoned with, only put to the rack.
Sam, Just caught this: "muffin top Aztecas" LMBO nice one.
TTG, Like I said, he has a simple path forward. Personally, I'm not even amazed at the hypocrisy in the Borg Media, where there's a sudden strange new respect for Congress and the media's role as a "check and balance". We're going to see what happens, but as I said, the demeanor and the nature aren't the same with this man.
Sam, I'm going to be honest: One of the things I'm looking forward to is these idiots protesting to realize too late that the game has changed. From the useful idiots in the street to the minute Soros gets RICO charges dropped on his wizened shoulders.
Charlie, "You can't run a campaign like this!" We'll just have to disagree on your last sentence.
SoCal Rhino, Thank you. We'll see what happens in the future. I feel like this is in line with my previous predictions. We'll see what happens in the future.
Nancy, I'll make you a deal: We'll listen to the hard left as much as Clinton would have listened to Les Deploreables. The PV isn't set in stone yet.
Oddlots, Thank you. I appreciate that. I hope he turns out how I think.
Nate, Steve Sailer, Vox Day, Breitbart, Ricky Vaughn on twitter, Scott Adams...All good sources.
GCP, I've never been against populist policies. The Democrats never offered any. The fact that you still can't adjust your paradigm isn't my problem. Take a break for a bit from this topic.
GCP, He did run on all this, and that's not exclusive with the Deportation Force and the Wall with Mexico. You're mis-conflating "Keynesian" and Populist. Again, you're hearing only what you want to hear.
Jack, Thank you very much. I stand by these comments and think we're going to see a new thing with Trump.
David, Thank you very much.
GCP, You also told me that Trump wouldn't win the election, so when you type all that to basically say "No he can't", I'm going to just shrug and say "We'll see". You obviously didn't learn anything by the 300+ EV blowout, but I won't stop you from believing what you want.
GCP, Trump is not beholden to the business community. He can easily walk away from this. If he can reform health care, taxes, and increase the economy, the money will be there. Why does the Left suddenly worry about the debt when a Republican is in power every time?
Earthrise, We did our part!
Mark, I don't see him feeling overwhelemed. He seems to thrive in adversity. Thank you for your kind words.
Robert C, I'm saying if you want your 80 year old grandma to have a heart transplant, you better have a private plan.