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OK, hear me out on this. Maybe this pick for Secretary of State is not so bad. People are worried about Rex Tillerson close relationship with Putin, and how Exxon could benefit from this. what if this could be good for both countries? Let's go with the theory that because of Tillerson we first lift sanctions. How well have they worked in the first place? Russia still does business with their allies, who defy the sanctions, so the expected result isn't what US officials have hoped for anyways. This is usually a common theme with sanctions against almost every country. While sanctions can have an impact, without other countries unified in enforcing them, the whole idea crumbles. So, what happens if Exxon or others now start investing heavily in Russian oil production or other industries? Products get produced, oil gets sold and the Russian people work and are able to... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2016 at Standing on my Soapbox
The aftermath of this election has really left my head spinning. From calls to remove the Electoral College, to recounts in a small set of swing states, to electors willing to change their vote. All this energy being used to try and change an outcome. Brought to us by the progressives aka socialists in this country. Wasn't more than 2 months ago, when they felt the election was just a formality, and we all needed to come together and accept the results. We see Jill Stein on TV talking about rampant hacking issues, and a recount has to be done. The big money starts pouring in. Where is the proof so far? Who are these supposed Russian hackers? Seems like the whole thing has been built on a narrative being reinforced by the current administration and the media. This article from the NY Times has a overview, but really no... Continue reading
Posted Dec 11, 2016 at Standing on my Soapbox
Wow, is all I can say after reading this article on The Hill. Fake news was behind her loss.. go figure. Here I thought it was what we talked about in the last post. She really don't have much room to talk, her list of fake news is pretty long as well, we all remember the video that resulted in the embassy in Benghazi being attacked for starters. But let's dig a little deeper here, there are a couple more important things to discuss. Why do we seek out alternate news sources for one? It wouldn't have anything to do with the lack of trust we have in the "real news" that we are fed from the networks. We were all witness to this over the past 2 years. Although we all suspected it for ages, it sure seemed to be confirmed this election cycle. Ever feel like we are... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2016 at Standing on my Soapbox
Fly over country, some of the most beautiful country to drive through. Its the area where our food is grown, and our power is produced. It's also the land forgotten about by the Democrats on each coast and DC. To them, fly over country is the land of the uneducated, the deplorables. To them our opinion didn't matter, they knew what was best for us. At least that's the impression that was given. Shouting others down, while defending free speech. This election was the silent majority, Reagan Democrats, whatever you want to call us, saying what about us. After Trump came to Warren, Michigan , you just knew Hillary did not stand a chance here. Driving home from work, seeing the people waving the United States flag with one hand, and a Trump sign in the other. The working class of Michigan were going red. There hasn't been this much... Continue reading
Posted Dec 7, 2016 at Standing on my Soapbox
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Dec 4, 2016