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I think that Russia is making moves to wrest the Bosporus Strait and Istanbul from Turkey and in the process finally give Russia a true, incontestable access to the Mediterranean and a warm-water port. Only the British Empire and then America have prevented this and now America has enabled Turkey to retain Constantinople. All things change and with America needing an ally against an increasingly bellicose China and the realization the Europe is a basket-case may lead America to trade off Turkey for the following reasons: 1) If you are going to take on China, then Russia is a necessary ally. 2) If you are serious about destroying ISIS and islamofascism, then Russia is a natural ally with the same goals. 3) If you want shift troops from Europe and refocus military resources then a friendly allied Russia allows you to do so. 4) Turkey has betrayed America and actively sabotaged its military efforts in the Middle East so it has proven itself to be a worthless ally and even an enemy. Sleep well Erdogan as the world moves around you........
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Dec 4, 2016