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Southern Oregon
Real Estate Broker
Interests: Economics, Politics, travel, gardening
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In rural Oregon the redevelopment has been hampered by State mandated zoning that was put in place while the lumber and ag industries ruled. They didn't want any competition for jobs so they designed zoning that kept other types of businesses out. It is still in place. The state government is incapable of fixing these issues as the majority of the population is in the urban centers and appears to have no real concerns or comprehension of the economic issues for the rural populations. Add to that a highway department that is more interested in traffic flows than economic development and you have a constant decline in almost all rural areas of the state. The issues could be solved IF the state would either take a progressive attitude or just get out of the way but where I live things have gotten so bad that we virtually have no functioning law enforcement. Anarchy is the rule here. Yet the county commissioners still have cushy well paid positions with good benefits. Sort of like the rest of the country on a small scale. Those at the top live well and the rest pay for it in more than taxes. Yet the Commissioners can't change much because the State rules.
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Dec 5, 2016