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what terrifies me is seeing a criminal on the street every morning when I take my child to school, waiting to commit yet another crime on tax payers dollars. that is what is terrifying, and even more so, that the city condones this type of behavior by city public workers just because mommy and daddy work for the city, its ok to rob peoples home???
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Gloucester City has and will not send us anything, and I am trying to obtain paperwork from the county as well. We will be at every single city council meeting with questions and will continue to do so until we are satisfied and our questions are answered.
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Bill Ackley acted nothing short of a rabid animal, with not a shred of respect that day, but I have learned that that seems to be acceptable behavior amongst city workers, councilman, and elected officials here in wonderful Gloucester City, Where great things are happening........
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For your information, since you are assuming you know this whole situation, which you do not, the grass went ONE month without being mowed. He stopped living in the residence in the beginning of September, and the citation was sent October 6th. Not that anyone's lawn is any of your business. The lawn and such are not the point of the story. The point is, that a CRIME was committed and the person in question, who has ties to the city and city personnel, walked away scott-free, criminally and administratively. The neighbors didn't forge a complaint either, fyi, one person forged the complaint, put the work order in, issued the $35 fine and sent Aaron a ridiculous $1, 200 bill, BILL ACKLEY but refuses to give us a billing summary of the $1, 200 charges, and when we went to see him in person and ask him about the bill, he acted like an animal and screamed and yelled at me, instead of speaking and being a respectful human being, that also was overlooked by the city and not dealt with administratively, in any sort of capacity. If you think this acceptable, again, you are the reason why this city is ran the way it is, with city officials who are overly entitled and run the show more like a dictatorship, than a democracy. You seem quite content living in a city, in the year 2016, where a local government abuses their power and runs the show like this. Good for you.
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Dec 6, 2016