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Skelbimai labaigerai-lt
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As an agent in a business brokerage firm, we get the opportunity to see all kinds of businesses, big, small, good, bad, profitable, and those that are not. We also see businesses where the owner has worked hard with his/her team to manage the tax burden. This can be a double-edged sword for small businesses. If a business owner and his/her accountant do a good job of identifying expenses and managing deductions, a profitable business that provides the owner with a livable wage can end up looking like it is not very profitable to those on the outside. This can impact the marketability of a business when it is time to sell. If a business owner is considering an attempt to sell at any time in the future, he/she should make the business look as profitable as possible. This profitability needs to be apparent over the course of the most recent three-year period. Most banks and brokers look at a business’ tax forms or book income to determine a business’ value. It seems a little counter intuitive to think that the best time to sell a business is when the business is doing well. Owners think that times are good and I am making money, why would I sell? You sell at the top because businesses that show a downward trend and aren’t making money don’t sell. Since most businesses experience ups and downs, owners need to anticipate this reality when contemplating a transition. Some more on
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Dec 21, 2016