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Jennifer Timby
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This is my first time signing up for the challenge and I'm excited about it! I have a lot more than 12 UFO's! But the one that I really want to get done is from a Women of Influence block exchange I did with a group of quilters, back in 2011, using the book by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith. We decided, although it was really 2 ladies in particular pushing for it, to do all the blocks via hand appliqué. Well, I'm not a fan of handwork and wouldn't you know of the 2 who really wanted it dropped out before completing any of her blocks. Anyway....I got all but 3 of of my own blocks done plus I need to do the one "Linda" block as it is now known. My definition of "finished" for this UFO challenge will be having completed the hand appliqué work. The quilt will be king sized, so this project may show up as a UFO at least one more year!
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Jan 7, 2017