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As an occasional fellow sufferer of sinusitis I can recommend bromelain, the enzyme found in pineapple. It helps to reduce swellings esp. in tiny spaces. In Germany, ENT doctors prescribe it regularly. Look up Phlogenzym, there are UK stockist. Good luck.
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I read the first Rooney one after reading Milkman and that was a sharp decline. My hairdresser hints (not foolproof): I tell them that I get migraine On The Spot from a hair drying - not true but don't tell. So I ask for a fluffy towel rub, a very brief blow over to remove snipped bits and I am off. I photoshopped to perfection a couple of pictures of me when I had a good cut and have them on my phone. Which I discuss beforehand with the person who holds the scissors and during the cutting I keep on glancing at them just to make sure etc.
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What a lovely car this was/is. For ages we used a Morris Traveller as a greenhouse for the tomatoes, back in the day in Cork. It worked really well. The kids pretended to drive while the plants thrived in the back.
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Thank you for letting us readers know. My heart goes out to you and your family. Losing a mother is a difficult chapter in life. But something makes me think that Hattie has prepared you well for it. I have been very fortunate to have found Hattie's blog, albeit late, and I was immediately struck by her sharp observations and clear analysis, always refreshing and never without compassion, kindness and certainly never hopeless. And soon enough, I started to look forward to her posts. I will miss her.
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You are in my thoughts. This is your special time and from the short while that I have read your blog and got to know a tiny bit, it seems you are prepared for what happens next and in the right place with the right people. My heart goes out to you and yours. Peaceful calm thoughts.
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I hope your days are better now. Look after yourself. Best wishes to you.
Never ever check what time it is when you wake up at night. If you are like me, you only start counting the hours you have wasted or are going to waste or miss and so on round and round. I realise that this means you could spend time guessing but that's another story. I like the concept of disintegrating your thoughts as a means to help you sleep. Check out those annoyingly slow and wobbly sleep stories like this one: Mind you, I always worry about my phone getting lost in the bed if I drop off during it (and I have done so!). If you need to look at a screen before or when you cannot get back to sleep install a dimmer like flux etc. Valerian in whatever form (capsules, tea, the more the merrier) and passion fruit extract pills - valerian is quite a strong natural sedative and passion fruit contains a mild natural sedative. No risks of overdose and no habituation effects. You could - if need be - drop them down the hatch like smarties, although if you reach that stage it's a waste of money, it probably means that your body cannot metabolise them. Good luck and don't despair, many great minds have/had trouble sleeping. Homer was one of them.
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Many many good wishes to you. Thinking of you.
It is good to read how you are supported by man and cat. My hopes and wishes are for you that you may keep this up for a good while to come. Thanks for keeping up blogging. I often ask myself what concept of *social* it is that the *social media* insinuates. In Ireland *a social* is an evening (in the pub with friends), still is. A far cry from fb. Initially, I joined fb to stay connected with my far-flung family but mostly, we have found other, more direct ways. Sometimes, a funny cat video makes the rounds. But that's about it nowadays. Ever since I was warned about my reduced life expectancy we have made plans for a natural death, in practical terms, the same way we planned the natural birth (at home) of our child 35 years ago. I have no idea how realistic this is but I am working on it.
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You have good medical support it seems. How you are on a day to day basis is equally important than a possible something in the future. I hope for the best for you, whatever you feel this may be. Greetings to the wild outdoor cat.
Your comments are fine with me - thank you as always.
It's awful when things don't go smoothly at the day clinic. May it be much better next time. Re misogyny, I recommend today's opinion piece by Rebecca Solnit in the Guardian:
I have come to the conclusion that 'positive attitude' is just a phrase for caregivers and medical experts and obviously family members to feel better. Don't waste your time on it, just be yourself in whatever mood and shape of the day. That and the cat and the orchids. Take care.
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Well done Hattie. And gorgeous orchids! Maybe he is just scared. I have come to believe that men deal quite differently (compared to women) with such drastic changes and challenges to their own bodies. I used to be really arrogant/ignorant when I was first diagnosed and almost laughed at the drugs I was told to take. No way, I smiled. Only briefly, though.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2017 on Still around, not bad at Hattie's Web
I encourage you to discuss a slow tapering off of the cortisone, maybe over a week. Your body can eventually get used to short-term high dosage, e.g. 30mg/day for three days, once in a while, but this takes some time and why should you suffer. Short spikes of cortisone over 3-5 days are no longer considered dangerous. But you can take some vit D (cholecalciferole) if you are worried about osteoporosis due to the cortisone. Ask about dosage, it's not something to take daily.
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I love Richard Flanagan but didn't get the grip for The Narrow Road to the Deep North - although it's a good story line. But my absolute favourite is The Sound of one Hand Clapping, which is also a great movie (he directed himself) starring the wonderful Kerry Fox. If you get the chance, try and find it.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2017 on This and that at Hattie's Web
Coastal flat areas will suffer more and more. I wonder what restoration the government has in mind. Mitigating and preparing for the effects of climate change takes much more than rebuilding. I hope there will be a happy week following happy Monday!
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2017 on Happy Monday at Hattie's Web
We have had these kind of organisations and groups for decades, with a support rate of hovering around and below 10-12%, sometimes it spikes for a while, the odd one or three gets elected into a local or state - but so far not - national parliament, where they generally shine with ignorance, inactivity and the occasional fraudulent handling of their finances. Protest and hate only gets you so far, people do get tired of repetitive claims and lack of positive action. I have been to many protest marches against them and we always hugely outnumbered their miserable selection. They have become somewhat dangerous when occasionally joined by organised hooligans and motor cycle gangs, soccer club supporters and of course, alcohol. I have shouted abuse and blown whistles etc. but the best protest was when we all, in our thousands, turned our backs on them in silence, the houses and shops along the way had closed all windows and doors and all they could do was listen to their own pitiful echos with not a faces to look at, no one to hear them or respond. I don't fear them here, we watch them, we know who finances them, who enables their illegal websites (US) and who knows whom, we know that some members of the police and army support them, we have several good networks of information etc. But we also have a government, local, state and national, that condemns neo nazi activity. We also have strict laws against incitement of hatred, denial of the holocaust etc. You don't have that any longer it seems. AND you have such easy access to guns. That makes it so dangerous.
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Glad you are almost through with chemo. That's quite an achievement. Yes, everyday is a gift. Thank you, needed to read that. I actually fell asleep watching that movie, had to be woken up to see the horse thing.
Oh yes, and from afar, I contend that your current president was elected to punish all those liberals and open minded people who had the audacity to vote for Obama and keep him in the 'white' house for eight years. James Baldwin knew this: "I remember, for example, when the ex Attorney General, Mr. Robert Kennedy, said that it was conceivable that in forty years, in America, we might have a Negro president. That sounded like a very emancipated statement, I suppose, to white people. They were not in Harlem when this statement was first heard. And they’re not here, and possibly will never hear the laughter and the bitterness, and the scorn with which this statement was greeted. From the point of view of the man in the Harlem barber shop, Bobby Kennedy only got here yesterday, and he’s already on his way to the presidency. We’ve been here for four hundred years and now he tells us that maybe in forty years, if you’re good, we may let you become president." (
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Thank you for the link, very interesting. In a similar vein, this comment by British poet Anthony Wilson, And yet, men do have a different language, McCain is a military man and a war survivor/veteran and may evoke such terminology himself. If it helps him, so what. All the decent (in my opinion) quotes on illness not being a battle, the world of the sick vs the world of the healthy etc. that have spoken to me, are from women. May be coincidence. It helps to understand what happens inside our bodies but we may only know the half of it.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2017 on Why cancer is not a war-Xeni Jardin at Hattie's Web
My very best wishes for a better day, may the dumb clear and you can find relaxing enjoyment.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2017 on Chemo dumb at Hattie's Web
Your thoughts echo mine. We often equate success and poverty in our western terms of economy. (And forget how western economy has contributed to it.) It helps to remember that women peasant farmers, with small plots and ancient traditions of biodiversity and seed sharing, continue to feed - successfully - the majority of the planet's population. This is a nice little funny film illustrating my point (based on experience): As for the missionaries: Years ago, a LDS team, clean shaven, ill fitting suits etc. tried to convert me in front of our city's cathedral (built in the 11th century, Luther preached here etc.) and when I politely pointed out that the ground they stood on was steeped in their religion, they replied me that it was the wrong kind. I have no understanding for that kind of brainwashing, no matter how good their deeds.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2017 on This may or may not be of interest at Hattie's Web
Hattie, you look right enough to me. Considering the circumstance of your life at the moment. I see a woman with a sharp look and bite.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2017 on Me after chemo at Hattie's Web
Yesterday in conversation with recent visitors to the US, we tried to predict how much longer he will be tolerated, when will even the most conservative member of the religious right say, 'you know something, I had enough'. That or maybe something a bit more like a mass revolt? How long until complaining isn't enough?