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Philip Rosedale started SL on the premise of "Creating the Metaverse". If he's still pursuing the vision that Neal Stephenson alluded to almost 27 years ago, then Phil needs to throw in the towel now. If it didn't happen in his mind with Second Life, it's not going to happen with High Fidelity now. The "Street" was a massive server that one tapped into using dial-up. The only difference between "The Street", and "The Oasis" is a name. Second Life achieved that server concept. But Phil couldn't see it because he's chasing an author's plotline that doesn't work in today's reality.
This particular ruling is a boon for content creators, particularly, the Japanese. Using VR Chat as an example, much of what I see there is fan based avatar usage. Characters that have been ripped mostly from games, and many that are quite recognizable. In this sole example, I totally understand the desire to curtail this practice. At some point in the future, there will be players that will come into their game and discover that everything they have installed is gone. This is unavoidable. Reuploading the items will only flag the players for disciplinary actions. At this point, the game developers and the site hosts need to come up with a way to help the players either licence the content affordably, or point a direction to self creation and/or free content.
@sirhc desantis, What Article 13 "implies", is that people using copyrighted works must surrender the use of those works, unless they are properly licensed and paid for. Quoting the letter of the law outside of a legal court of law is a waste of time for all concerned. This is why there is such pandemonium over GDPR. Common people with no need to know about law, are being forced to read fine print, and one mis-crossed T, or undotted I, will land them in court with hefty fines. Rather than speaking legalese, why not offer service to those in need of trying to understand this chaos?
From the picture, it looked like a cool place. I'm sorry I never got a chance to go there. I never knew about it.
While the hand demo is amazing, what I'm finding fascinating is the avatar's eye movements! When did that get implemented? Geez, I feel like a newbie all over again.
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Jan 11, 2017