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A few thoughts You would think the government school officials would be happy to keep the $2,400 per student, but all you hear from them is how charter schools are destroying government schools. For them it is primarily about the power and money not educating the children. Why do these government schools not take any of the concepts into consideration? A school that can more efficiently and effectively educate the same kids who were doing so poorly are now doing so much better. You think they would beat down the doors to the place to see how it is doing so well. But is about the power and $$$ and it might keep them from hiring more high priced superintendents and administrators.
Step 4 should be to discipline any actual students who took part by expelling them. Although I doubt there were really very many students taking place as Derm' has a lot of people who are seemingly paid to do these mob things.
Yesterday was a slap in the face to all of us who have supported teachers in the past. There are many, many of us out here who have gotten much smaller or no raises during the period teachers have gotten huge raises that will approach 30% since the Republicans took charge. Heck, when I worked for a major triad based bank for a decade we constantly got 1% raises and that was supposedly "great" according to them. One other point, we need to contact our legislators to change the law on personal days. Teachers have to be granted up to 2 with no questions asked, which is supposedly why my school board cancelled as they could not deny most of the requests. Local leaders need to be able to have enough control to not be held hostage like yesterday. Just think of the scenario where teachers make rolling walkout days every month...week etc. If they coordinated just enough to close the schools constantly it would be a problem...and these radicals would not think twice about doing it.
A good point is brought up in the last section. Scowly and Blinky are always whining about "openness" from those they choose to criticize but choose to try to keep their dealings under the covers. Guess it is the usual leftist mantra of what applies to you does not apply to me. And the door is not just opening to questioning these slimy people, the door has been open for a long long time. They have some very questionable methods overall, and do not allow any alternative views on their web site. I was banned several years ago for posting alternative views....I guess they got tired of hiring a troll for their comments section because Scowly emailed me personally that I could not post. The thing was I used similar language and tactics as their commenters but it was verboten when I did the same.
Well, I think Cooper falls into the "embarrassing crazy uncle" category himself. He more wants it to be 1957 than any politician that opposes him.
Yes, years ago we left Greensboro. This was back when Chief Wray was getting railroaded. Luckily we were able to move totally out of the Triad to a much more conservative county just East of Raleigh. I do remember noticing the increasing power of the demographics and how quickly the issues took over Gso. It is sad to see a once reputable city come down so far, and unfortunately it seems to be destined to become a city on the level of a Detroit or Baltimore.
I would like to be able to read this whole article. I have been thinking through my reading on the war that it was not needed either. Unfortunately like today too many hotheads stirred the pot until it was boiling over. Having hindsight, the tractor was just around the corner and animal labor was much more efficient. It would have been much more profitable for slave owners to free their slaves and pay them some minimal wage that represented what they paid to take care of them, then gradually replace them with the new technologies around the corner. I would have certainly cost the South less in blood and in economic devastation.
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Jan 26, 2017