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Joe Thanks for your response and valuable input. I will look into "CIL" (I have never heard of it). That would be valuable as my CTL going down, it's hard to know if I'm training in the good direction. Frederic
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2017 on How Important Is Training Volume? at Joe Friel
Thanks for this good reminder. Indeed, a lot of people tend to be focused on volume with the number of miles as the Holy Grail. I've been asked many times "How many miles have you been doing ?" Thought mileage is important (I practice mainly mountain running), I also use hours AND intensity. I also use my TSS. However, I have a question : Should my CTL (Chronic Training Load) also increase when in a intensity-focused training block ? As my volume is low, I usually find that my CTL tends to stagnate even though I'm doing intense workout (anaerobic and threshold). Does this mean that I'm not doing enough intensity ? I find that when I focus on volume (when training for a 100-miler for example), i have no problem raising my CTL (it makes sense since I probably train double the amount of time). Thanks ! Frederic
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2017 on How Important Is Training Volume? at Joe Friel