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Money talks BS walks. Need to redefine what a gas guzzler is. Combined MPG < 30 is a guzzler! so... (30 - CMPG) X $500. That should make choosing the hybrid version of the car/cuv you like very simple.
This is where a cash for clunkers will pay big dividends. Raise the tax on fossil diesel to a dollar and lower the tax on biodiesel to zero. Use the money to fund the replacement of any class 8 tractors older than 2008. Make sure they are destroyed not shipped to china/india/mexico etc.. Retro fit the tractors with a 25 gallon tank for fossil diesel. Start with diesel,stop with diesel switch to diesel after turn off and run till biodiesel is purged. Run on biodiesel.
This is a solution for class 8 trucks if it can be increased to 200hp/250/lbft. Put 4 of them between the drive wheels of the tractor. Design a genset that will produce enough power to push a fully loaded 52 ft trailer @ 70mph. It can be run in binary mode in very limited rev range. Any fuel or combustion combo ..hcci rcci etc. 4 gallons/hr @ 60mph = 20mpg. I think Walmart will buy them.