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This system would be good for class 8 trucks. A petrol engine maybe 5-6 liters optimized to run at 2500rpm using hcci or similar . No pm and little nox. 2 electric axles 1000 ftlbs each. 500kwh battery buffer. soc < 30% engine turns on. soc >80% engine tuns off. Use subsides to make it cheaper than re powered gliders being sold that do not meet current diesel standards.
Toyota has some very useful hybrids. If they offered a complete "commuter package" as an LLC for four people including lease/insurance/factory maintenance . Then from Platinum lux 36 month lease 637 and 4963 down. If the insurance -maintenance was 160/mo then 800/4= 200 month to ride in luxury and get 120/mpg/person.
This series setup I think would be more effective for these trucks. Ford F150 4wd 2.7 turbo = 20 combined mpg Ford F150 4wd 3.5 turbo = 18 combined mpg Ford expedition 4wd 3.5 turbo = 19 combined mpg Ford Expedition MAX 4wd 3.5 turbo = 18 combined mpg Electric motors should provide better torque and tow ratings. 2L NA running at most efficient RPM range for generator. Getting these popular trucks to 26 combined would save an enormous amount of fuel.
Money talks BS walks. Need to redefine what a gas guzzler is. Combined MPG < 30 is a guzzler! so... (30 - CMPG) X $500. That should make choosing the hybrid version of the car/cuv you like very simple.
This is where a cash for clunkers will pay big dividends. Raise the tax on fossil diesel to a dollar and lower the tax on biodiesel to zero. Use the money to fund the replacement of any class 8 tractors older than 2008. Make sure they are destroyed not shipped to china/india/mexico etc.. Retro fit the tractors with a 25 gallon tank for fossil diesel. Start with diesel,stop with diesel switch to diesel after turn off and run till biodiesel is purged. Run on biodiesel.
This is a solution for class 8 trucks if it can be increased to 200hp/250/lbft. Put 4 of them between the drive wheels of the tractor. Design a genset that will produce enough power to push a fully loaded 52 ft trailer @ 70mph. It can be run in binary mode in very limited rev range. Any fuel or combustion combo ..hcci rcci etc. 4 gallons/hr @ 60mph = 20mpg. I think Walmart will buy them.