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Not sure why people are hating on this study. Some responses to the critics here: 1. This is indeed a peer-reviewed study. The Journal of Power Sources (JPS) is one of the pre-eminent journals in the field of energy storage (among other, well, power sources). 2. Who says that the cells are "non-automotive grade"? 3. It's true that multiple studies will be required to draw overarching conclusions. This doesn't change the observation that the notion that V2G won't be detrimental to the lifetime of an ESS has at the very least been challenged. This speaks to the significance of this study, in that proponents of V2G have hypothesized that V2G would have a negligible effect on the ESS lifetime. 4. No way that this is "fake news" or a "barely comprehensible". Just because the results are different than previous studies (and it's important to note that the study may be different than the previous ones in methodology and electrochemistry, among other ways) doesn't make it invalid. This is how science progresses. 5. @Arnold: I would be interested to see your sources for the assertion that calendar life is more important than cycling when it comes to degradation (note that charging/discharging strategy is part of cycling). 6. @DRSL Failure does not increase as you reduce cycle times. You are conflating the mechanical meaning of "cycling" with the meaning as it relates to an ESS. This study has some important implications for V2G usage, if the results are shown to stand up to scrutiny and are applicable across the Li-ion chemistries. May have to attempt a replication myself!
I am quite curious how this vehicle, with one electric motor, is able to provide a series mode. If the engine is declutched from the electric motor, there is no way for its mechanical energy to be converted to electrical energy to charge the battery. The battery couldn't be charged and discharge to power the motor simultaneously in any event. To the author: Where did you source this information?