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Henry Keultjes
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When the average American drives less than 50 miles per day, the emphasis on range is a total waste of scarce resources. Instead, since the average American can afford to pay only $8000 for a car. the emphasis should be on building an affordable EV. Thus such a target BEV should be a small 4-5 person 2-door like a Ford Ka or a Fiat 500e or a two-door Fit, that weighs under 1000 kg and sell for no more than an ICE Chevy Spark. Remember, we are posting these comments on GreenCarCongress whose objective is to clean the air. Building EVs that only a fraction of the car buyers can afford does very little for that objective. Be aware also that if clean air and more range are the objective, any fuel injected ICE car can be driven on hydrogen using fuel injection that works similar to that used in propane conversions.