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Sasquatch 2001
Interests: bikes, old cars, EVs
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strange that the drive units show as detachable but the batteries are "under the floor" which would mean each body unit has it's own battery pack. that can't be right that there are multiple expensive battery packs...
NJ always spends money on websites and MOU ceremonies for green transportation stuff... I wish they spent 100% of the $$$ on actual infrastructure! I'm pretty sure those useless websites get about 12 visitors a month, the 1 or 2 electric busses they could have bought would get at least that many riders if not thousands more!
would be cool if electric motor engineering dev was accelerated with an anything goes approach in the F1 and Formula E (ok, and Electric GT) series. Ferrari could use a YASA KERS system!
I wonder if it can be 3D printed, if the laser sintering of mixed AL and Lanthanum powders would sufficiently stir them. probably too early in the process but porosity and coatings implications...
I'd say the model 3 will lower the price to rent an EV which is crazy expensive ever time I look, but these are top of the line model 3's! maybe round 2 or 3 will be the less expensive ones?
My model 3 has had some teething pains which all get resolved under warranty so far, I'm hoping this new brand gets EVERYTHING PERFECT so drivers who don't care about the tech or the enviro benefits can feel free to drive this awesome car.
I'm sure there is active cooling/heating for the battery already but maybe it becomes too noisy when mega-charging, have they tried going through Tesla's open patents?
My son has been competing in the Shell Eco Marathon (not nearly as deserving of the word "marathon" as this though!) for 4 years now, this would be a great thing for their team to move on to! He is graduating but the team lives on...
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Apr 18, 2017