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Rupert Baxter
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I think it could be an interesting idea to include people who have insider knowledge of the subjects we are discussing, but why limit this to race and gender? For example I struggle with depression and have attempted to commit suicide - why not include people like me in papers about suicide? What about less savory groups - why not ask for citations from murderers on papers about murder, or sex-offenders in papers about pedophilia? If we are doing this sort of thing for the sake of learning then why not? If we are doing it for the sake of protecting certain classes of people then why pretend that it is about learning, and why only protect people of certain races and genders? I doubt you can get enough suicidally-depressed people out of bed to regularly publish a journal like Hypatia, much less create an entire discipline like feminist studies, but ideally their lack of power shouldn't exclude them, indeed, isn't that the whole point? Maybe we could partner with the heroin addicts and people with borderline personality disorder? I mean, it sounds silly, but I seriously think it would be a nice idea. Maybe the really, really wretched and powerless people don't have the ability to demand things like Prof. Winnubst and her friends are. Blacks and trans people truly do lack power in America, but they aren't the only ones, and they are capable of fighting for it. Other groups are barely capable of hanging-on from day to day, and won't ever be getting PHds or publishing papers. Would a depressed, heroin-addicted convicted felon who dropped out of high-school and who can't get a job because of her enormous criminal record and therefore has to live with a loathsome sugar-daddy between visits to the county jail have anything interesting to say about the Birth of Tragedy, Dionysian ecstasy, the wonders of pessimism and the crushing influence of optimism and Apollo? I don't know, those people don't publish.
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May 9, 2017