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Jam M
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I love this! It's difficult sometimes to get legitimately unusual name suggestions with genuine and accurate history behind them and below the top 1000 for here. I have Adelise on my list (Adeliza was a maybe too, but Adelise won out, partly due to being a non 'a' ending girls' name) but I've been thinking about Adelind instead recently. There's something about Elise and -elise names I struggle with, and I just can't place my finger on it, but hearing you talk about her is making me love her again. I also love Aristeia (so glad I've been saying that right), Aidric, and Arthen/Arthan (really like the winter connection). It really helps hearing the names, and fun guessing how they're said before you say them haha. Anyway, I digress, brilliant video, and I love the blog and site so much :).
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May 12, 2017