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brian weston
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As far as I can see the R+6 have achieved their goal of establishing the link by a limited occupation of the Southern border. It would appear that their camp is only 20kms away from the SFA/US camp. The US has a lot of material in the Gulf and no doubt already in Jordan they also have their aircraft or naval missiles that could destroy this mini garrison in minutes. What therefore is the plan as they appear to be tolerating it and the longer they do more assets can be moved in. We saw the Iran General there too. Does this mean that the US will allow it to happen. My understanding is that the Russians will dig their heels in and not give way. Is this why the US have sensibly turned a blind eye ?
To qualify further what I meant , I understood that Fox News was not in the Disinformation camp and possibly others? The problem with channels such as Info Wars is hat they become discredited and ridiculed and trolled. Unfortunately since they are on the fringe many people will not take any notice of them. What I am saying is that why doesn't a normal everyday newspaper for example champion the cause. It is not as if they would be fabricating anything....just simply telling the truth, yet all I see is this propaganda and bending of the truth coming from all sides.
It would appear that in the USA the main stream media distort the truth to a great degree. The modus operandi appears to be simply negative propaganda.issue constant negative screams about the president and if some of the mud doesn't stick, so what, the damage has been done, the negative seed has been planted. I understand that 80% of The MSM is in the hands of corporations that are anti Trump. I believe that the main reason for this antagonist is that they see Trump as a direct threat to their interests and operations Most sensible people seek the truth in most matters. Obviously if the truth is difficult to uncover then some won't go to great lengths to discover the real truth. Surely, apart from the undercover internet sites there must be people and organisations in the USA who will stand up and be counted and actually publish an easy guide to all the disinformation that is issued about issues such as Russia. Why doesn't anybody do this? Is EVERYONE also lily live red or corrupt. Isn't the state of the nation the most important issue for the USA to it's people? BW
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Jun 13, 2017