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Jul 10, 2017
Allright, here is the short bio of my character : Zorak-Edward is a half-orc paladin. Due to his melted blood, he has a very impressive silhouette (size up to 2,10 meters, else around 82 inches !!), which requires daily a huge amount of food (and beer, of course). His musculature is developed as a well-trained warrior, but not exaggerated. A quite uncommon aspect, even for a mixed race like that, is his bright blue hair melted with black strands. (Same color as his eyes). As a double-edged sword, his outstanding strength is compensated by a quite low intelligence ! Hence, we could say that Zorak is stupidly brave in all situations. However, he is most of all a good guy who never judges too severely, and somewhat protective with the weakest ones. Naturally quite lone (protecting others from his natural bad instinct), he can become a faithful friend. Relationship with actual members of the fellowship : Sir Tamworth Howdyshell : He finds Tam's bird-like appearance unusual and funny, same as well for his amazing skill to speak with birds. Tam makes Zorak thinking about his own human father : Brave, noble, with some bombastic speeches, sometimes. He appreciates him pretty well. Thanar : Zorak greatly estimates him a lot for both his fighting and drinking abilities. However, they have different way of thinking. Thanar is captivated by gold and treasure, what is completely out of Zorak’s mind (NB : the paladin gives most of his salary for charity, and keeps almost not enough to live). That’s an object of animated debate among them. Parameter : She looks like an amnesic valuable warrior. Hence, he hates that people calls her as “the statue”, since he’s still convinced that there is a human (or human-like) person inside the shinny armor. Leonard Caprio : Not convinced at all by this guy. Zorak considers Leonard as a liar but, in addition, with something childish and nasty. However, he gives him a chance to be a better guy. Thanks again for this blog !!
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2017 on Dungeons of Fate Cast of Characters at Twyla Davis
Hey Twyla ! Congrats again for this great blog ! Looking forward to reading more about Thanar's chronicles !! :D It seems that there are small pieces of confusion between some characters. Wander was a female "space" dwarf and Catherine's character. As Wash, and as greatly told by Jim, she is presumed dead too. About my character, well, HIS name is Zorak-Edward (but everybody calls him by his orc name), and mine is Aude (or you can write it Odi, like it looks usually the case in US, especially at Starbucks !). For the remaining part of Zorak's description, you're right on the mark, haha !! Best, :) See you soon !!
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2017 on Dungeons of Fate Cast of Characters at Twyla Davis
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Jul 10, 2017