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Peter Baenziger
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I ran across another interesting photographer in the Swiss Zurich "Tagesanzeiger." His name is Sandor Rozsas. The photos are all b&w with a strong graphic component. All of the are good, some of them exceptional and a few breathtaking. Some of the pictures have location information embedded (upper right), linking to Google Streetview. The location isn't always correct, I think. The text of course is in German. If Google translate produces incomprehensible garbage, I'll gladly help.
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I was working as a industrial cinematographer in the 70s. In one of the helicopter shoots we used what I think was called a Dynalens -- a cantankerous rig with two parallel glass plates stuck in front of the lens. If I remember right, there as a viscous fluid between the glass plates and the glass plates moved to correct for vibrations. It worked. Kinda. Sometimes. I remember a complicated helicopter shoot where it died in the middle of the run. Finished the run handheld with a wide-angle lens. Modern stabilization is so much simpler, lighter and more reliable for the user.
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Jul 11, 2017