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"with significant immigration lilkely if we remain in the EU" Given that most of EU immigration has come from the Eastern European countries, especially Poland, and that wages are rising in these countries, especially Poland I would suggest that this is possibly incorrect, at least as far as EU immigration is concerned. "but it will be your life not the life given to you by higher powers over whom you had no power." I continue to find this a risible argument, that the UK had no power within the EU. The single market and expansion to the East were driven by the UK.
"the modern world is simply too complex for a border check to have any real significance. Canada is in a free trade association with the USA and still has its own laws." And yet despite 'border checks being too complex to have any real significance' and despite both countries being signatories to the same FTA a hard border still exists between Canada and the USA: - "Your first point of contact at the border consists of “Primary Inspection.” If all of your paperwork is in order and was processed ahead of time, you will be released at the primary lane and this may be your only stop. If your paperwork is not in order, you must visit a customs broker or, if you are selected for examination, you will be directed to “Secondary Inspection”. Your best chance of passing through customs at Primary Inspection, saving several minutes or hours of time, is to have all your paperwork in order before you arrive at the border"
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This hinges on whether or not you actually believe the current unemployment figures: -
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Aug 3, 2017