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... and in addition: Retrofitted vehicles can have on-line monitoring: Results can be displayed on apps. /Tue
Dear Arnold, The typical Euro 5 car already has DPF installed (with diesel oxidation catalyst in front of it) installed - but not an AdBlue system. Adding the SCR-function via the catalyst mounted in the exhaust section under the floor of the vehicle and the solid ammonia system in the 'trunk' gives the required control of NOx. After the upgrade, both NOx and particulates are OK. The lost space for spare-wheel can be managed by a standard flat-tire-pump-kit. The installation would be done in less than a normal working day (like we do even for big city bus retrofit) and given the outlook of need for high volume of eligeble cars, the price for the kit will land at a level that makes it worth for at least a major part of the vehicles with substantrial remaining value. The added annual operating cost for 'replacement' cartridges (equivalent of AdBlue refill) will be quite limited. Best regards Tue.
GreenGopher: The tailpipe NOx sensor after SCR catalyst is cross-sensitive towards ammonia and the feedback-dosing-strategy ensures a low signal thereby keeping both NOx and NH3 low. Br. Tue, CTO of Amminex.
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Aug 31, 2017