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Nitin Vig
Chicago, IL, USA
@McKinsey, Board Member, Former VP and CTO, Inventor (5 patents)
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Great post, John. Wanted to get your thoughts on a question related to creation spaces and the core group of 5-15 people, you mentioned? In your experience, is this core group of people static or can people change and yet the group quality can be maintained? For context, I wanted to share a client situation where they had a core group of people (e.g., founders, early employee, etc.). Over time, the core group shrunk (co-founders had issues, early employees left, etc.) and the client has since struggled to re-create the original mojo. Ofcourse, a core group still exists and it is also connected to the external network but things have not been the same. Its smaller now, not as high quality, etc. Have you seen successful examples where the quality of core group has/can be maintained, even though the people comprising it change? -Nitin
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Aug 31, 2017