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James McLaughlin, you are absolutely correct. This is a good development but only useful when you have 2 other 9kW motors onboard requiring inverters.. This really limits the applicability, as most air compressors/HVAC/ hydraulic pumps, etc designed for EVs run straight from HVDC or have their own internal optimized inverters. TM4 really need to use their traction motor for the charger, then it would be rated at 200kW! 18kW charging is fairly useless for a heavy vehicle application with hundreds of kWh. For comparison, the Zoe is 43kW (small hatchback) to charge a 22kWh battery! The Renault Zoe system is awesome. Perhaps TM4 should adapt this concept into something more powerful, or license the technology from Renault!
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Sep 7, 2017