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I agree that GMOs are quite a hot topic these days. I feel like you can spark any conversation with this topic because it is highly debated in today's world. I have heard strong opinions and supporting facts on each side of the argument. Each opposing side seems to have very strong knowledgable when it comes to the GMO topic but I would say I am in-between the yay and nay sayers. I have countlessly heard many people say "GMOs are misunderdstood" and this gets the wheels turning in my head because I feel like maybe I don't even know the whole story behind GMOs, so I avoid taking either side. All of these readings accentuate looking at both sides of an issue and I feel like GMOs are something that people should really look into before they start making firm opinions. A lot of issues today are judged by how much attention the topic gets, sort of a "I will join the bandwagon" before I look into the facts. -Kasha
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2017 on Blog #3 at System SEECers
I also agree with your question: How do we incorporate ecological resilience in today's society? It was great to see examples such as in India and China, but I would have liked to see more details on: What worked and why did it work? What failed and why? Especially with the rise of technology, this can be a great concern. Several mines throughout the world provide the metals to make our iPhones and laptops. What incentives be introduced to engage these companies into an ecosystem-based management approach? I would like to see how it could be applied to these massive technological advances. I think it would be very intriguing to see what people could do in their community right now to create ecosystem resilience awareness. For example, how can we start at the local level to influence companies in the state of Colorado to get on this bandwagon? -Kasha
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2017 on The Road to Resiliency at System SEECers
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Sep 7, 2017