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Tigra Watanabe
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Well, they help the Shop Owner and the People who go there can ignore the "deformed People". SL is a Fantasy World, so here you can be what you want. Not sure why some female Avatars have Hips 3-4 times whider then the Shoulders (giant Ass Ava), for me it just look like a Figure of a Caricature Cartoon for me. I like funny Ava, but I don't think that's what the People with this Ava's want. Some maybe want to protest with it against the Fast Food Restaurants, who made Ppl in RL fat, some like the Shape in a sexual Way and other maybe made their Ava in the Shape of their RL Self. If some People protest against Places, who not like Avas with Overweight Design, then they should made the same Protest against Sims, who not allow and ban People from Sims, because they are Furrys (like me) or they are wearing a Grouptag they not like.
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Oct 7, 2017