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Jeff Geoff
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Wood smoke is the major problem. There is no reason to burn wood anymore, AHSP and insulation work so much better, not even having to worry about temperature at all, set it and forget it, with solar on the roof heating becomes so cheap its unreal. We need to combat wood smoke, I wish these websites that go on about green cars, would write about the problem of wood smoke. 1 Chimney puts out as much emissions as over 300 diesel engines, 10 chimneys 3000 diesel engines, thats alot of pollution in every street.
When is the world going to face up the situation of wood smoke being an even bigger problem than cars. With cars the situation is improving yearly, look at the amount of new nissan leafs that are going to be sold. People are going backwards on house heating, and the problem with wood smoke is that it is emitted exactly at the time when most people are near it. When cars are on freeways their pollution is minimized, but wood smoke is worse when most people are at home smoking. ASHP are brilliant and more needs to be done to advertise them. Down with wood smoke
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Oct 27, 2017