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Reads like most of the improvements are on the ICE side with just some minor size reduction and conversion efficiency gains on the electric side. Surprised there's no mention of a Lithium Ion option. Hey, love the site's new look!
Another instance of VA-funded research that confuses correlation with causation. When an inversion layer keeps nasty things in the air longer those nasty things have a greater opportunity to make people sick. Sounds good so far. Where this falls apart is when it is assumed that the nasty things are pollutants. Pneumonia is usually caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Unless a mechanism can be established that these biological baddies hitch rides from the PM and don't just get breathed in by their lonesome there's no sound basis to assume causation. Even were such to be established would it contribute as much to an increase in pneumonia cases as hospitals with their filtered air?
Oops, I thought I'd proofread that. Last line should be "Their PM **is** natural."
No attempt to fail relationship over "health" here, just over kidneys. Any such lawsuit would need more than sloppy language confounding correlation and causation to support it. To move on to causation it would need to 1) show that all other possible causes are ruled out, and 2) present a viable model to show how insult to the lungs works it way through all intermediate organs and processes to affect the kidneys. To demonstrate just how costly confusion over correlation and causation can be in the medical industry we just have to look at the recently routine American practice of male infant circumcision. About 100,000,000 American were unnecessarily circumcised based on bad science. This was supposed to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer among American women. The connection? Women in countries that routinely circumcised their boys had a lower rate. But three generations later our rate hasn't gone down. Obviously circumcision was not the solution. How did we go wrong? We confused correlation with causation. So what causes that lower rate of cervical cancer in those other countries? Genetics. The people in countries are Semites: Jews and Arabs. The same groups of people most likely to get Tay-Sachs are least likely to get cervical cancer. Think of how we could more productively used the money spent on those 100,000,000 unnecessary surgeries. There is also a problem with this article linking man-made PM to kidney disease. Looking at the map we see that the red and orange areas are not the most developed countries, thus not the ones artificially producing the most PM. The orange and red locations mark the world's largest deserts. Their PM is not natural.
The article mixes the language of causation, "attributable to," with that of correlation, "might at least partially explain." Close enough for government work perhaps (the VA, really?) but not strong enough for public policy.
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Nov 5, 2017