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Kimberly Heng
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Today, we live in an age where the incoming generation of citizens will be facing a digital future where robots, software, and machines powered by artificial intelligence will perform an increasing share of the work humans do now. It is clear that from previous technological development and design, machines seem to have no limit to their potential to their processing power or intelligence. Computers ultimately have humans at a cognitive disadvantage. But taxing robots to "pay for the future", would be a solution for a very limited time. It will only be a cushion to the increasing loss of revenue in the government. But what this argument fails to address is the millions of new jobs that will open after the robot boom. An estimate from the World Economic Forum claims that about 65% of children entering school today will eventually work in jobs that have not existed yet. New jobs such as AI engineers, robotics mechanical engineers, automation technicians and numerous more will be on the rise. Technology isn't a threat towards the future of humanity but instead is a source for new jobs. Robot taxing will only cover up the real problem at hand, and that question is, how will people adapt to this digital revolution?
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Dec 12, 2017