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crystal franco
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I feel as if thinking like a sociologist is harder done than said. People are so use to presume what others like and what's wrong from right. The media has a huge impact on how we think and percept the world. Not only does it change the way we see the world but it changes the way we see ourselves. In media "thin" is always seen as the best, from commercials' to movies, the thin girls are always shown as the "beautiful" ones. Men are often made to be seen as "muscular" to show how strong they are. If a man or woman is displayed as nerdy or smart they are often characterized as fragile and dorky. Mainstream media has changed all our point of views and has really caused us harm, mentally. With us not seeing things in a Sociologist point of view, we tend to blame ourselves for not being the way the media sets the norm. If we saw everything as a sociologist our way of seeing beauty would open wider than what we have set.
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Jan 3, 2018