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With apologies, an edited version: Professors, with respect there is a leap being made from a Heidegger problem to a problem of "Continental philosophy" that needs to be interrogated. Heidegger's malfeasance is, on the Continental side, balanced by men and women of integrity whose heroic actions parallel, if not outstrip those of the positivists. As the extreme example there is, of course, Edith Stein. But there is also the great bulk of Husserl's most prominent students (and others who embraced his and Heidegger's work) who fled Germany and totalitarianism for the United States: Moritz Geiger, Herbert Marcuse, Fritz Kaufmann (who remained in Germany for years after his dismissal from his teaching post to offer Volkshochchulkursen to Jewish children), Maximillian Beck (who fled Germany to prevent the Nazification of his journal), Felix Kaufmann, Aron Gurwitsch, Karl Lowith, Dietrich von Hildebrand, Alfred Schutz, and Herbert Spiegelberg (who joined you as an activist against the Vietnam War). By this coterie I am far from embarrassed.
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Jan 19, 2018