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Lori Briley Tindall
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Regardless of his sexual orientation, Montgomery Clift was a gifted actor who had an amazing ability to channel his characters in an authentic, believable way that made you like them. Even in 'A Place In The Sun'; in which his character performs a horrible and unthinkable deed for admittedly selfish reasons, he still comes across as sympathetic and likable. There aren't many actors who could pull that off, past or present. The fact that MC was raised by a staunch conservative father who showed no love, compassion or empathy for his son; he was physically and verbally abusive to Montgomery and treated him with disdain, is most likely the source of his insecurities and mental health issues, as opposed to his sexuality. Montgomery Clift was remarkable as an actor and that should be his legacy. RIP MC, thank you for sharing your awesome talent of channeling the regular guy onto the silver screen, thank you for entertaining us with us your talent.
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Jan 24, 2018