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enjoyed every photo - every line. Very familiar with the BM and the "issue" of where did it come from and what should be done about who owns it? My much researched and considered "opinion" is that we can not unscramble the egg. to what point in time would we like to move back all of the national boundary lines, property ownership and object placement... but, it gives a lot of people something to do to think about it and it certainly keeps the lawyers busy. Another related issue now coming up in the UK is the massive amounts of goods that are stored in the major museums and rarely if ever seen. Thereis a movement afoot to "get it out" where it can be seen into the provences using in many cases currently unused properties, many of which are now owned by munipal governnments or trusts of one kind or another. Many issues to do with all of this of course but the Brits are a very "volunteering" culture and I think we will eventually see a lot happening on this front. A well researched article Julie - I continue to enjoy your "back stories" from your travels last year. On my way to London again next week to see the Modigliani at the Tate Modern and then to ST Ives to see a new exhibit on the art works inspired by the writings of Va Woolf... whose birthday it is today. Happy Birthday Va.
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Jan 25, 2018