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Martha Connor
Sevilla, Spain
Recent Activity
Spring in Spain is crazy! Starting with Semana Santa, then Sevilla Feria, and so much more! After the Sevilla Feria, we had a week of school, then another Feria! It only lasted 4 days and was much smaller, as it was just for my town, but it was a lot... Continue reading
Saturday finished off the Seville Feria, the festival to celebrate the start of spring. We had been preparing for this week for a long time, and it's finally here! With dance lessons since January and the whole alteration process for our Flamenco dresses, by Saturday evening we were 100% ready... Continue reading
I've been with my host family for over 2 months now, but it feels like it has been so much longer but also no time at all, simultaneously! I'm so adjusted into life here it feels so natural. Last week is the end of the second trimester at my school,... Continue reading
Hola! My name's Martha Connor and I'm a sophomore in high school from Charlotte, North Carolina. I've been living here in Spain for about 6 weeks but it honestly feels like I've been here my whole life (but in a good way!) I'm all situated into the daily routine and... Continue reading
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Feb 12, 2018