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Hi, Mike! Thank you for the bits of happy news at the start of this episode! I was pleasantly surprised by your announcement of a "History of Rome" bonus that would include Viriatus, whose absence from your book had surprised and disappointed me, although Quintus Sertorius did make an appearance. This is because I'm Portuguese and Viriatus is considered in our history books one of our "ancestors", mythologized as a guerrilla fighter hiding in the Herminius Mountains struggling to survive against the might of Rome. And over here, it's not called The Spanish War", but "The Lusitanian War" (or at least, that's what the part of the Spanish War where Viriatus was involved is called). Now, history class at school was a very very long time away and I'm by no means a scholar, hence I'm on tenterhooks for that episode. Thank you!
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2018 on 7.32- The Bitter End at Revolutions
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Mar 26, 2018