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I taught in Hillsborough before Marilyn Miller became Superintendent, but I knew her as principal of Crocker Middle School. I once witnessed her lie to her own son who was a student of mine. Many times she misled the faculty and on a few occasions, the local school board. I once heard Ms. Miller tell our librarian to falsely accuse a problem student of stealing library books because he sometimes disrupted classes there. Ms. Miller was an accomplished manipulator. As principal her favorite way to promote an agenda was to assure the faculty that her plan had school board approval. She lied. The first time she employed that ruse, I smelled a rat. I called each council member, and not one knew anything of her proposal. In fact, I was told curriculum matters were exclusively a faculty matter. So, I reported my discovery at the next faculty meeting. My ten-year tenure at Crocker was doomed from that moment on. Thereafter, Ms. Miller scheduled faculty meetings to coincide with my duty as in-school suspension supervisor. I was rarely available for faculty meetings. Every other teacher (per district contract) had scheduled observations. All mine were surprise, unannounced visits. In each subsequent evaluation, she accused me of some form of inappropriate response to students and listed necessary improvements I needed to make. Never mind that I was the author of the award winning spelling-vocab curriculum used by the entire school. Forget that I was responsible for revamping Crocker's parent-teacher conferencing procedure, and its new lunchtime detention policy. All were acknowledged successes. All that really mattered to Ms. Miller was I had become the enemy. My complaints to the superintendent about harassment fell on deaf ears. He had personally selected Ms. Miller for the Crocker principal position, ignoring faculty opposition. The fix had been in place from the start. Someone reading these examples might conclude I was just another a disgruntled employee with an ax to grind. Worse than Ms. Miller's manipulations vis-à-vis me were unscrupulous practices that if exposed could have landed her in big trouble. The worst concerned prepping the entire school for questions known to be included in the California Test of Basics Skills. CTBS questions were supposed to remain secret. After the test, she personally altered test answers of the school's worst students to boost Crocker's test average. I made the mistake of whistle blowing to the superintendent. Surprise, he sided with Principal Miller. I quit after that school year and moved to another state. In my four decades in public school education, I worked for seven principals. Fred Schwartz and Carl Zon (both Crocker principals before Ms. Miller) were the best. Marilyn Miller was clearly the worst. In fact, in all my seventy years, I've never known a more detestable human being. Marilyn, if you are still alive and reading this, please sue me for defamation. Truth will be my ultimate defense. Your 200 grand a year pension regretfully rewards a Peter Principle ascension and self-promoting scheming. At least my 18 grand a year was honestly earned. Forfeiting a big chunk of your retirement would certainly be the karmic justice you deserve.
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Mar 26, 2018