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On another note, it appears that Joe Biden's SUPER PAC is being financed by Corporate Lobbyists for Weapons Makers, the Health Care Industry, Republic of Azerbaijan, etc. Take a look:
Larry, Colonel, How many D.C. Think-tanks were involved (or still) in Brennan's escapade against Trump? The UAE dictatorship that Sanchez has been working for (and still as far as I know) keeps me wondering if he and his UAE spooks did any kind of leg-work for Brennan in this mess. THE UAE dictatorship was close buds with Hillary, or at least they gave big bucks to Hillary's campaign. Think-tanks like the CSAS, Clinton Administration alumni like former DOD Undersecretary Michele Flournoy who was with CSAS and now is with other D.C. Think-tank operations, one has to wonder how much leg-work that they have been doing for Brennan's criminal escapade from the get-go. We know the major propaganda networks (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, etc..) smacked their gums for Brennan at his beckon call The swamp is deep, its methane gas is toxic to those who have been swimming it. To pull off such an operation that Brennan undertook, took far more than just a task force to make it work the way it did.
What about Sanchez and crew (former and Retd. CIA, etc.) that are now working for the UAE as it's intelligence apparatus. Wonder if they did any 'leg-work' for Brennan. IMO Gina needs to look at what Sanchez has been up to until now.
Should Keane be recalled to active duty and then prosecuted under the UCMJ for a host of violations, including failure to register as an agent for a foreign power?
Why is oh why is the Trump administration giving the 'White Helmets' $4.5 Million of hard-earned U.S. Taxpayer Dollars?
It's interesting how Brennan is connected to the Brit private intel business Haklyut & Company, the same Haklyut that put the sim cards in Mifsud's phones.
The FUKUS thinks we are all a bunch of brainless sheep to be led by a ring in our noses. The 'Muktar' is clueless regarding our Saudi brethren, he's supposed to administer how the overlords say he's to administer, nothing more. The CIA administration still has a hard-on because they blew it regarding Iran and they're still embarrassed about it. In two days, counting closer to a day and a half will be the sad anniversary (October 23) where the Israeli government willfully with forethought let our Marines and other service personnel bunked with them at the barracks in Beirut die needlessly, because Nahum Admoni wanted U.S. to get our noses bloodied. Never mind that the Russians lost close to 30 million to the brotherhood of the Operation Paper Clip, and the Bormann Group that today controls from behind the scenes most of the World's money thanks to Martin creating over 750 corporations initially to start with, that has expanded like a Hydra. Any time that truth (Russia is no longer Communist) rears its ugly head, the Bormann group goes into overdrive to ensure that the big lie perpetuates. The FUKUS think we're all a bunch of sheep to be led off a cliff, and the propaganda mills have created the trail right up to the edge of the precipice that the sheep are trotting. Heaven help our children and grandchildren.
Fred, I didn't see your McRaven part, my bad on my part. Just got a pair of new specs, and am breaking them in. I apologize. Woops. I don't understand McRaven's constant bitching, with no solutions on his part. I have no problem with somebody griping, as long as they have solutions along with their gripes. That's my 'axe' if you want to call it that. I really like your 'bubbles' opine.
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Colonel, TTG, Larry, Retd. Adm McRaven appears to be calling for an open revolt against the POTUS. Retd. Adm McRaven if he is so against the POTUS, then why doesn't he run for the POTUS position instead of his whining. McRaven bitches a lot, but in any of his pieces against the POTUS, I've not seen one word of how McRaven would correct what he sees as wrong. Guess that McRaven doesn't understand that Mom and Pop America are sick and tired of our kids in uniform being used as the world's police, and serving the national interest of foreign nations and groups, instead of serving what is real U.S. national security interests. J
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2019 on Bubbles. ... by Fred at Sic Semper Tyrannis
TTG, Here's another one I think you'll enjoy: Hassak - Аманат
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2019 on Open Thread - TTG at Sic Semper Tyrannis
TTG, For your listening pleasure, here's Tatar throat singing:
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2019 on Open Thread - TTG at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Putin saying that 'All' of Syrian territory must be restored, one would hope he was 'including' the Golan Heights that Israel stole from Syria. Sadly Trump stuck his foot in his mouth when he said that the Golan was Israel's property. He backed himself into a corner on that one. If Trump backed Putin's call of 'All', he would surely loose Sheldon Adelson's money, and would garner the indignation of the Israeli 5th Column types like Hagee,the Hasbara, and the under-the-table Israeli paid Members of our U.S. Congress.
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2019 on SAA/SDF progress at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Colonel, Why is Retd. Marine Corp General John Allen being so critical of POTUS leaving Syria? IMHO I would rather see POTUS save GI lives by pulling all U.S. troops out of Syria, than squander them, which would happen if we remained in Syria like what Allen wants. Allen is now part of the Israeli connected Brookings Institute as its president. The Turks intentionally targeted our troops with their fire.
Whoa, wait just a minute! Our college kids futures are being sold down the toilet by crooked members of Congress who want money in exchange for upping the Green cards, They're making back-room deals with foreign governments (India for one) so that they can expand their foreign economies and letting their foreign college types take U.S. jobs that should first be offered to U.S. college grads (Not foreign grads!). Sen. Lee (R-Ut) would change the cap for India from their yearly 20,000 to over 100,000 Green cards. And that's not counting the over 200,000 who currently are getting Green cards through the back-door option. Fortunately this mess Senator Lee was trying to key-hole through, has been stalled by a lone Senator (for now). Our U.S. college grads were sold down the river by the entire House of Representatives!
Trump is contemplating the U.S. leaving the Open Skies Treaty. Rep. Engel (D-NY) and other Democrats of the Congress are expressing 'alarm' and are opposing exiting of the Open Skies Treaty. Is this the 'Brexit' for our U.S. (pun intended). The Open Skies Treaty has been used by various Nation's Intelligence Agencies to gain a peak-see on perceived opponents current topography and items of Intelligence interests. So what say yea?
Biden and the pickle heads in the Congress who are now crying foul, weren't' saying a peep back in the late 70, through the 80s, and into the 90s before and after Desert Storm and Ops Iraq Freedom, when the Turks were slaughtering Kurd villages and murdering innocent Kurd women and children. We as U.S. Military were prohibited at that time from the Top all the way down the chain, from any intervention on our part on behalf of the Kurds because Turkey was our 'NATO Ally', and we 'mustn't piss our NATO Ally off' by stopping their Turk carnage against the Kurds. I was pissed then, and I'm still pissed now. I understand TTG and your SF buddy's feelings, I feel ya. Couldn't do a damn thing then, can't do a damn thing now unless one is pissed off enough to create an international incident and deal with the Chain's repercussions that would surly follow. Turmp said the truth when he said their Hatfield-McCoy's fude has been a centuries running one.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2019 on BOHICA Update - TTG at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Live feed from Northern Syria where Turkey has begun their military operations. The feed is the Russian RUPTLY media outlet: LIVE: Turkey begins military operation in northeastern Syria
Larry, The so-called 'whistle-blower' committed a crime it would appear. Federal orange for the so-called 'whistle-blower' is in order, Oui?
Ah yes, but that was the days when J. Edgar was alive and politicians were scared beejez of JE because he probably had something on them he could always flash in front of them to send them like a roach scurrying for shade. This whole Russia, excuse me Ruskie-gate stuff has shown just how corrupted that DOJ and the FBI have become. Politicians are understood to be corrupt to begin with, but the American people don't expect their hallways of justice to be corrupted as well. They're hoping somebody will be honest. Congress today and for many years has appeared no better than an Organized Crime Organization, the major parties being different sides of the same corrupted coin. Narcissism goes to the head of most White House Administrations as they forget who/whom they're supposed to be working for -- Mom and Pop America. The Constitution is designed by our nation's founders to be a protection guide to protect Mom and Pop America. These days only the CJCS General Mark A. Milly seems to be the lone individual in D.C. who understands their oath to the Constitution and what it entails.
Complicit in Racketeering. All White House Administrations view the Teflon rule as their own, sure appears that way. The only one with the Teflon application that I can see is the number one position, not the number 2. Number 2 can always claim that number 1 made them do it. Their get of jail free card, or so they think anyways. Number 1 using number 2 as their pleasurable deniability or fall guy rule.
Why isn't DOJ going after former vp (small letters) Joe Biden for 'money laundering' with his strong arm tactics on the Ukraine? Biden blackmailed Ukrainians using his position with U.S. Taxpayer monies to force the firing of the Ukrainian Attorney General for investigation of the Biden bribes. The sad thing is that Biden's criminal extortion was out in the open, flagrant, blaring. Biden even boasted about his criminal racketeering in public. Rico statute. Burisma Oil transferred to Biden via Biden's son Hunter Biden. More than $166 grand a month from 2014 into 2015. Even after the Ukrainian AG's firing, the Biden extortion money continued to flow in. Biden, like Hillary Clinton considers himself 'untouchable'. My Christmas wish is that DOJ will put Joe and Huter Biden in their proper fashion suits, federal orange.
Yuck I say to Mr. Swift! Cannibalism, YUCK! I'll stick to my doughnuts and coffee, thank you very much! Yuck......
Fred, Trump already has U.S. involved in joint Anti-terrorism operations with Russia/CIS. If only Trump would take Pat's recommendation and call the duty officer of the NSA/DIA instead of the places he apparently gets his information, we would be a lot better off. Trump also needs to put you in his speed dial when he has a question about how to get out of the pickles he gets U.S. into.
Apparently it doesn't pay to become ill in the U.K. if you are Russian. Russian woman dies after she was 'embalmed alive' | Daily Mail Online
Oh, and one thing to note. A person died as a result.