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Debbie, these thoughts were perfect! I have been disappointed as well when I've found out my memory is different than my reality. But for a listener, hearing your reality verses your memory makes it even more interesting! (I guess the listener can't be disappointed if we have nothing to compare, right?) Including those comparisons in a story is a bonus!
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Joanna, I love how you talk about "coming alive" when you tell a story because you really do! It is so fun to watch you and listen to your enthusiasm. You also put into words in this post so many things I've been feeling. You are a both a good storyteller and a good writer. Thank you for sharing!
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Beautifully written Mark. I loved your paragraph about sharing widespread, common emotions. You hit the nail right on the head. It’s how we make connections and come to understand each other. In a world of personalized technology, we all need that!
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Your story about a haircut was inspiring! To know how interested I was in something that might be considered an everyday event helped me think of new stories that had never occurred to me. Thank you!
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I love that you told stories in the car. Road trips just aren’t what they used to be. While modern technology can keep the kids quiet and happy, the art of talking with each other is being lost! My kids are grown but I would love to start a tradition with them of making up stories before they grow old like me and lose their imaginations.
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Apr 11, 2018