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Naomi Campbell
United Kingdom
Naomi Campbell, Founder and CEO of B2B Lead Agency Ltd - a Pan-European Business Development Agency, focused on finding new business opportunities to help companies overachieve in Europe. “When companies experience a false-start or a slump in European sales, it’s not uncommon for Sales Departments to blame Marketing and for team structures to unravel as a result”. Naomi’s great passion is bringing talented teams together to grow revenue streams and accelerate business growth across Europe. She helps companies that sell products and services in the EU to establish healthy sales pipelines using frameworks that support local data privacy compliance and best practice. Her one focus is delivering short AND long-term sales leads to increase market share. It’s well known that no single approach to lead generation is right for every organisation, which is why Naomi’s 17 years of Pan-European experience equips her with an understanding of multiple markets and multiple approaches to customer acquisition and retention. Having already made a real difference to companies like: Intel, Checkpoint, Cyren, Axway and Thermofisher, she regularly advises at board level, delivering to business critical objectives. B2B Lead Agency specializes in Voice Marketing (tele-prospecting), supported by online marketing tools. The company’s on-site team of multilingual sales specialists excel in four areas: appointment setting, lead generation, event registration and data profiling/cleansing. Send a quick email to and see how this European specialist can help drive your business goals.
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Apr 17, 2018