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Sad Sac, if I were a corrupt, crooked, Liar, I would hit back 10 times harder than I was hit. If I were not any of those ugly things, I would just consider the source and move on in the knowledge that I am far better than any of my detractors. For sure, water is a better solution for putting out a fire than gasoline; may cooler heads prevail.
Toggle Commented May 9, 2018 on Dealing With A Coward at David's Anthem Journal
Ah, nothing like keeping the community in an uproar to make your day worthwhile; I feel sorry for you. No, that's not quite right, I pity you both; may the meek inherit SCA, and return us to sanity. By the way, I'm referring to David and Dick; Jim is just an excuse for their brinkmanship to play out.
Toggle Commented May 9, 2018 on Dealing With A Coward at David's Anthem Journal
David, I will reach out to Mr. Coleman; however, my view that it takes two to start a fight still stands.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2018 on Dealing With A Coward at David's Anthem Journal
We shared this quite nasty thread with our peers, and without exception, they were amazed that the "adults" involved in this fiasco kept playing the "victim" card, hand, after hand, after hand. Perhaps, rather than continuing this childish back and forth game of chicken, a bit of civility would be in order before SCA gets another "black eye", in and around other retirement communities. Surely, Mr. Coleman, as a BOD representative of our community, you could salve your bruised ego differently; try and show us how diplomacy works. Mr. Arendt is a lost cause; you're chasing a ghost. Be better than him, get out of the muck.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2018 on Dealing With A Coward at David's Anthem Journal
After reading the President's Report in May's issue of Spirit magazine, I feel Rex went out of his way to cast an evil-eye spotlight on the off-the-charts animus infecting our blogs, and maybe, our property values. One thing for sure, his article will do nothing to quell the bloggers, but will only draw attention to their existence. It's only common sense to ignore (refuse to visit) all offensive blogs; starve them out of SCA. Let's all hope and pray that Darcy Spears doesn't get wind of this.
I'm glad Jesus never put on your cloak of black M, and there are many Christians out there shuddering at your embrace of vengeance over any forgiveness. Your mindset is what keeps us mired in this muck.
Well said; let his words fall on deaf ears, and his opinions about people not matter not a whit to us. One thing sure about his ilk; take their audience away, and they become yesterday's news - useless. Surely we can do without all this stress; so far, it seems the only people adversely affected is us. We should relish all the good things SCA offers, and view negativity without alternatives for what they are - garbage. Just consider the source....
Sad indeed; however, teaching an old dog new tricks is best accomplished with praise and patience, not pain and punishment. Just sayin'.................
Hopefully, the vast majority of SCA residents moved here to enjoy the ambiance of a 'cruise ship', not a sleazy bar room brawl. One need read no further than any blog and/or forum to sense the bitterness and outright hatred that permeates our community, especially around BOD elections. Perhaps we need to cool off the rhetoric rather than fan the flames that will eventually destroy the very fabric of SCA. Remember, we're not alone in reading these posts, potential buyers might well be reading too. I can't imagine any successful real estate agent would suggest a buyer surf the SCA websites. Surely we are better than this, better than our D.C. swamp; how about 'turning the other cheek' instead of 'an eye for an eye'. It might work.
Great news, we have missed having an on-site venue with such a great location with a marvelous views. Can't wait to try them out; what will the name be?
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Apr 28, 2018