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Megan McCaslin
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Black Friday as we know it is changing, and this year showcased the shopping holiday’s future. With advances in the online shopping experience, retailers responded early with deals sprouting up days—even weeks—prior to the traditional Black Friday weekend. This, coupled with low gas prices and higher hourly wages, was the perfect mix for a record-breaking shopping holiday, and a sign of things to come. To No Surprise, Online Shopping Grows Many shoppers traded in the midnight campouts of yore for the comfort and convenience of their homes. Internet sales surpassed predictions, growing by 26.4% from the same time last year compared to brick and mortar store traffic which... Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2018 at Shopper Culture
When it comes to health and wellness, grocery is having a moment. More and more shoppers are embracing food as medicine, and consequently heading to local grocery stores to meet their health and wellness needs. Food-as-medicine is not a groundbreaking idea; the concept can be documented as far back as the Ancient Greeks (the famous quote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” can be attributed to Hippocrates). But until recently food-as-medicine has been more of a “fringe” idea than mainstream. While the public’s faith in traditional medical institutions and treatments has crumbled and healthcare costs have continued to rise, shoppers have renewed their interest... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2018 at Shopper Culture
When you think of “Memorial Day,” what comes to mind first? A) The unofficial start of Summer B) BBQs and beer C) Honoring the 45+ million who have served in our military during war time D) A very welcome long weekend E) Best time of the year to buy a refrigerator Like most Americans, you probably had a difficult time deciding on just one “reason for the season.” Since its inception, Memorial Day has nearly always been a “tug-of-war between solemn remembrance and summertime fun." The holiday lies at the apex of tradition and seasonality. It subconsciously ushers in summer food cravings and outdoor activities. And at the... Continue reading
Posted May 25, 2018 at Shopper Culture
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May 24, 2018